Am I responsible for this? If so, do I take a bow or run?

A short while back I made the comment that I’d love to see a pirate version of “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. Well, I don’t know if The Pirates of the Black Fleet had the same thought, or were inspired by my comments (they’ve indirectly indicated it’s the latter) and made this – a definite pirate song for the ages:

In truth, it’s really pretty good in a lot of respects. The video is loads of fun, and the music and backup vocals are pretty (black) spot on. I suppose Gunpowder Gertie channels Johnny Cash’s “speaking to the music” a tad more than Gaga’s singing, but that’s nothing a little rum can’t fix. Rum, rum, rum, RUM!!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Am I responsible for this? If so, do I take a bow or run?

  1. Dave,Hope ye tummy is now settled down!!!When me saw this Video,me lost me shot of the Kracken,me just couldn’t quit LOL–Bilge,see ye in a couple of days!!!!

  2. Don’t like Lady Gaga or her music at all but you guys did a great job! Drinks all around!

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