Another PotC Casting Rumor

So just announced that Stephen Graham will be playing a sidekick sort of character in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. And the Internet Movie Database seems to confirm it. I don’t know if IMDB is a reliable source regarding rumors, but I was pleased to see that Megan Fox was NOT listed, so I stand by my belief that her “upcoming mermaid role” is nothing more than hot air (although surprisingly persistent hot air, I’ll admit.)

Graham sails with ‘Pirates 4’ crew – Variety

3 thoughts on “Another PotC Casting Rumor

  1. I’d heard about this guy, but I’m still wondering if they’re planning on bringing back Kevin McNally as Gibbs. It’d be a real shame if they dropped him, but so far I’ve seen nothing official about bringing back that character. I keep hearing folks on Keep to the Code talk about him being onboard, but still nothing official. Bummin’ me out, man.

  2. I agree with you, Jack. Gibbs is a great character, and should be in OST. Not that this matters, but I heard somewhere (in an interview on some “Hollywood Access” type thing) that this movie is SUPPOSED to be more character driven, more along the lines of the first movie, rather than ‘wow factor’ and explosion driven like the sequels (don’t get me wrong, I love all the PotC movies), but the first still remains my favorite. So, my fingers are crossed that there is more substance to the story for OST than there was for DMC & AWE.

  3. A good choice our man from Liverpool…for those wondering, ye might know him as Tommy in Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch” (and if ye haven’t seen that, what’s wrong with ye?).

    Good actor…been in over 40 productions since a kid – including Gangs Of New York (Shang) and with Depp in Public Enemies (Baby Face Nelson)…though Snatch was really his breakout role.

    Agree with the above sentiments – hoping for more character, some back story (originally promised)…and not overdoing the storyline with trifles.

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