Armada of the Damned No More

It would seem a typical Disney move to cancel the development of an awesome looking pirate game scheduled to release right in the middle of the pirate fever presumed to follow Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Thank god I sold my stock in these hosers.

Disney cancels Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned; Propaganda suffers layoffs

On the bright side, perhaps it’s a good sign. Curse of the Black Pearl was by far the best of the trilogy, and it was accompanied by a Disney that was afraid to market, merchandise, or monopolize on it in any way. Maybe if the suits at Disney are again feeling standoffish about pirates, it means the creative forces behind Stranger Tides will be free to do things right. Or maybe it just means we’re all being deprived a killer pirate video game.

2 thoughts on “Armada of the Damned No More



    This was honestly the one game I’ve actually been looking forward to for years! The animation and rendering were super slick, the very premise was awesome…it looked like a slam-dunk as far as video games and pirates are concerned.

    What a sad, sad day. Now that I won’t be playing this in 2011, I suppose I’ll have to do something far inferior now, like spend time with my family. Oh fate, you are a cruel whore.

  2. Ahh!! How can Disney be so pathethic? Propaganda said they wanted to use this game to establish themselves as THE action RPG maker. What a stink pot to the chest. My 10 year old will be livid.

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