Armada of the Damned Trailer

Holy carp, words cannot express the sheer awesome might that this game will be. Did I just see a special combat move where you stab your opponent’s foot to the ground? I think I did. Did he later kick him in the nuts? Maybe. And use an anchor like a flail? Most def. And the scenery, the characters, and all the rest? I feel all tingly. I don’t say this lightly – it just MIGHT be the best pirate video game ever!

7 thoughts on “Armada of the Damned Trailer

  1. Could be, although I note that it’s also going to be available for Windows. Doubt my PC could handle it, but I can justify a PC upgrade much more readily than a new console.

  2. Aye, Bilge, ye did. Not only was there a “stick yer foe’s foot to the ground”, a kck to the nads, AND an anchor flail attack, there’s also a move where ye swig some rum and become a human flamethower as well as rum-bottle molitov cocktails. Hell, when this comes out, it may prompt me to get a new system. Although, if it came out for Wii…that would be one step closer to the full immersion VR that I’m witing for.

  3. Can I tell ya how proud I am t’ have been a teeny tiny part o’ this?

  4. Wow… this might be the game that makes me GET a game system, period. I might even go so far as to sa that something like this could actually turn me into a gamer.

  5. Looks awful. No strategy. No sailing. Superpowers. Bleeh. Bad as the last two movies.

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