Avast! Piratey Anti-Virus Software

Has anyone ever tried Avast! for their anti-virus/spyware/hacker needs? I mean, it’s sort of pirate themed, what with the name and all. And this past TLAPD they made efforts to be even more piratey with a pirate english option. How sweet is that?

My own anti-virus is only so-so, and expires in January. So if any of you have knowledge of Avast!, let me know how it works for you! Always looking to support piratey businesses, even if their business is, er, anti-piracy.

5 thoughts on “Avast! Piratey Anti-Virus Software

  1. Avast is quite good. I have used it for the last couple years. It is free to home users but you do have to periodically re-register. Since i have used it I have not had a significant infection. By that meaning one that slipped past it. It has caught files that other checkers did not.

  2. I have used it for time now as well. I agree with Cheeks! It is very good for free software, and I too have not had any problems with it… It is definitely worth trying out.

  3. I have used it on all my computers for several years now and it has served me well. In my opinion, it is the best free anti-virus software for home use (and the piratical name makes it all the more awesome).

  4. Avast is ok.. there are better anti-virus softwares out there. AVG is my preferred along with superantispyware.com for spyware solution.. If you search top anti-virus softwares on your preferred search engine.. Bit Defender and Kaspersky are cool but not free. Norton and Mcafee in my opinion can even catch a cold.. I’ve been a PC tech/network admin for over 10 years. All kidding aside.. I know Avast has a cool piratey name but catchin’ a virus and spyware is not cool..

  5. Have used Avast for the last 6 years at home, at my cybercafe and at my computer store, and it by far blows away McAffee and Norton, AND it is FREE for personal use. If there is a single gripe about it is that it is now very aggressive against viruses and trojans, so at its standard settings it checks everything ALL the time. So you will experience a minor speed hit when surfing the net. However since it actually does the job, that hit is totally worth it.

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