Bacardi named ‘Rum Master of the Year’ (gag me)

Bacardi named ‘Rum Master of the Year’ – The Shout, Hotel News, Liquor News, Bar + Club News.

Yup, it seems that according to “The Spirits Business” magazine, the honor of “Rum Master of the Year” should go to a rum that’s “an exceptional spirit with great mixability and a flavour that creates the best drinks and cocktails.” This, as opposed to a rum that’s, well, worth a damned as a rum.

If the award was “Rum Sales of the Year,” I could maybe understand, there’s no question that Bacardi is wildly huge and successful. But so’s McDonalds, and I don’t see anyone calling them the true masters of the hamburger – unless, of course, they’ve never tasted an actual hamburger and therefore believe a Big Mac is what a true hamburger tastes like. Maybe the folks at Spirits Business are in a similar boat and have never tasted real rum. Poor sots.


Oh joy, there are more articles out there, including BACARDI — World’s Most Awarded Rum — Tops 300 Awards, which mentions that, “Milestone achievement comes as The New York Times proclaims BACARDI® 8 as ‘the ring of true rum authority’.” Bleh. Although I can’t say it’s a surprise that the New York Times is crewed by lubbers.

4 thoughts on “Bacardi named ‘Rum Master of the Year’ (gag me)

  1. Maybe it was a misprint and the award was actually “Bum Master of the year.”

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