Bacardi wins yet another award. Which further demonstrates that awards aren’t worth squat.

I just don’t get the popularity of Bacardi. Sure, it’s a huuuuuge business success and is used as a mixer all over the world. I don’t have a problem with this. But just because McDonalds has sold a billion burgers doesn’t make them a steakhouse. And neither is Bacardi a top shelf rum. I’ve tried all sorts of their rums – the aged and the unaged, but none of it seemed fit to consume by its lonesome. And yet, here they are, winning yet another honor:

BACARDI Rum Wins Top Honor from World Renowned Spirits Institute Monde Selection® | Business Wire

Really, the problem here isn’t Bacardi, but the image of rum itself. Where the world of whiskey has Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Tennessee… to say nothing of single malts, blended, pot stilled, and all sorts of other means by which the general public comfortably distinguishes “families” of the spirit – Rum is still just rum in most eyes, and this enables Bacardi to dominate the industry from top to bottom, regardless of genuine sippability. That’s my theory-of-the-moment, anyways.

7 thoughts on “Bacardi wins yet another award. Which further demonstrates that awards aren’t worth squat.

  1. Perhaps Bilge could have an annual awards program and show them how to pick a proper rum. You could pick from new entries and old stalwarts in any number of categories. I’m sure many a rum would be proud to display a Bilge “golden” Munky!

  2. So many of those “awards” are organized and funded by multinational distillers or distributors. Occsionally you’ll find awards that mean something, but most of the time, just a marketing ploy.

  3. as far as i think Gosling black seal rum still taste better its top on my list.

  4. bilge you should have the golden rum munky award for best rum . any rum that is good to bilges eyes should get the rum munky award.

  5. Once again, Bilgemunky demonstrates why he is the Lord Pirate King of all rum-based knowledge and judging and the rest of the world can go suck a blunderbuss.

    It’s almost supernatural how one man can be so right about rum, when the rest of the world is so wrong. I think you’re really on to something with regards to the public perception of rum as pitted against sipping spirits. I blame Cuba and it’s damn Libres.

    Establish the Bilgey Awards, please! Your word means far more than Monde, or whatever judging group was bought off by Bacardi.

  6. Yer all too kind, mates. Were I to start up a Bilgey Awards, I’d have to do it proper, and I don’t know that it’s in the cards just yet. Still, maybe something for the future 🙂

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