Bacardi’s Gonna Lose its Monopoly…

This really pisses me off, because I *like* picking on Bacardi. Seriously, it’s one of the great joys in my life. Over the years I’ve dug up all kinds of news reports where somebody does something idiotic involving rum, and time and again the rum in question was Bacardi. But lately the idiots seem to be diversifying their tastes. I recently posted a story where one yahoo broke into a bar and ran off with Captain Morgan, and now this other joker gets caught shoplifting Cockspur:

Rum thief is jailed for 30 days | Bermuda Court

True, neither of these stories are as dopey as, say, the guy that strapped his Bacardi into a car seat for a high speed police chase (while neglecting to wear a seatbelt himself. But still, it’s a disturbing trend that threatens my beloved passtime of Bacardi-hatin’.

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