Benefit for Mallory and McCall

Actually, 2 benefits! Mal and Mac of the Skeleton Crew Pirate Band are two of Bilgemunky Radio’s earliest supporters and most beloved performers. I wish I could attend these benefits to support them through difficult times, but I can’t. But any readers not so burdened by the realities of geography, PLEASE go – it should be a fantastic time for a good cause!

for Mallory & McCall
Feb 21, 2009
8 hours of Rollickin Music

mallorymccallBenefit to raise funds to keep Mallory and Jan from loosing their home to foreclosure due to ill health and a fraudulent financial planner

Maeve’s Residuals
11042 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City,  91604
In the same shopping mall with Studio City Tattoo (Talderoy’s establishment)

TIME:  noon to 9 pm

21 and over please
Suggested admission donation:  $10

Captain Ron Ely
Granuaille’s Revenge
The Cherry Tarts
The Praties
Pirates of the Black Swan 
Saahira of the Emerald Winds
Rillian and the Doxie Chicks

We will raffle off pirate treasures and plunder during band set ups. Health willing, Mallory and McCall plan to be in the audience. There are plenty of places to eat all around Maeves (within walking distance). Parking is limited so you may have to park offsite and walk.  Try to carpool as much as possible.


April 4th!

Hosted By:  Sabre the Sea Witch, Krystal & Misty

When:  Saturday, April 04, 2009

Where:  The Sea Witch Inn Pavilion at Ojai Renaissance Festival Shores of Lake Casitas


The Ojai Bards Benefit
The Sea Witch memorial

To benefit
Mallory & McCall of the Skeleton Crew

Please join us in tribute to amazing bards!

Mardi Gras Luncheon,
with special guests, entertainment & Silent Auction

$10 per person
(does not include entrance to Ojai Renaissance Faire)

The Sea Witch Pavilion
At The Ojai Renaissance Faire,

hope to see you all there! Sabre Sea Witch

5 thoughts on “Benefit for Mallory and McCall

  1. Even if you can’t make the event, pirates can help out by throwing some coin their way. Check NQG or Mallory & McCall’s website for details.

  2. Thanx for putting this on yer site bilge. Finally, a little something around my waters AND for a good cause. Good Show.

    Maybe I’ll get a BM tattoo on my butt from the great Tal D. Roy since it’s so close.

  3. Not only was Maeve’s Residuals’ a GRAND event, we got t’ sing along with Mallory ‘n McCall t’ The Derelict as well, nobody sings it like Mallory!!!

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