Bilgemunky at Chicago Maritime Festival

If you’re in the neighborhood, this Saturday Chicago will be hosting its 2009 Maritime Festival. Event features loads of sea shanties (including Bounding Main!), plus I’ll be revisiting my 2008 multimedia presentation Pirate-Core: Sea Shanties in the 21st Century…

As a musical genre, the sea chantey has gone largely unchanged since the age of sail. But where most maritime artists have chosen to embrace and preserve the rich heritage of this music, others have opted to take their fascination with the sea into surprising new directions. This session will explore the development and current state of Piratecore, a relatively young yet incredibly diverse musical genre that blends the traditional sea chantey with such contemporary styles as rock, rap, punk, metal, and more.

Hope ta see ya there!

4 thoughts on “Bilgemunky at Chicago Maritime Festival

  1. What? And forgo the option of whoring myself out to acadamia? C’mon you music professors, cultural museums, and eccentric millionaires – who else could possibly deliver a detailed presentation on pirate-core to your students/patrons/drunken buddies? And you don’t even have to fly me first class!

  2. Ooooh Air delivery of a pirate whoring himself out?

    I can’t afford economy, mate. You’ll have to climb into a cage and fly in the belly. I hear it gets cold up there, so pack a sweater along with the ice pack.

  3. Sorry I missed it this year (they put you on at the same time as the sea chanty class performance that I was in), but I was at your presentation last year and it was great!

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