Bilgemunky Radio Format Change

During last night’s broadcast I announced an upcoming format change to Bilgemunky Radio. Starting Monday, September 13th, Bilgemunky Radio will begin one hour later (9 pm CST.) The show will remain two hours of pirate music awesomeness, but there will be no more Bilgemunky After Dark.

The reasons for this are many, but the short of it is that I need to consolidate the show to two hours for homestead reasons. And AD, for me, is the *extra* – it doesn’t have nearly as much music, it draws only a fraction of the listeners of the regular show, and for me it’s not as creatively inspiring as the rest of Bilgemunky Radio. So it makes sense for it to be cut. Unfortunate perhaps, but at the end of the day multiple factors all point to the same thing – remove AD and instead focus on what matters most – Bilgemunky Radio proper.

I hope this news doesn’t strike too many listeners as tragic – rest assured Bilgemunky Radio will continue to muscle on, and very little music will actually be lost – probably not even 100 songs (with Bilgemunky Radio boasting nearly 2,000). The regular show is, afterall, intended for pirates – and lacks not for debauchery, rum abuse, and all sorts of other misbehavior 😉

Bilgemunky After Dark’s final episode will broadcast on Monday, September 6th.

12 thoughts on “Bilgemunky Radio Format Change

  1. FTW by Brine & Bastards had better be the last AD song to set it off right… (yes, that is a request)

  2. The news of AD going away does affect me since that is how I originally found Bilgemunky Radio. However I have since then switched and started listing to the entire 3hr show either live or via pod-cast. I have enjoyed most of the bands featured on both the regular and AD shows and will continue to join the chat when possible.

    May the winds be at your back, and keep your blade sharp.
    ~Mel Rackham~

  3. You do realize that I, on eastern time, will have to be asleep a half hour in, rather than a full hour? That, my friend, is rather irritating. I’ll miss AD, too, even if it was kind of repetitive.

  4. Believe me, Liz, that occurred to me and I feel very bad about it. But in the end this was a change that I simply had to make, even at the risk of irritating a few of my most loyal chat room regulars.

  5. It’s strange, but I had this sort of nagging suspicion that this might happen… I have no idea why, but a part of me said “I don’t think After Dark is going to last very long.” In any case, I’m okay with it as I rarely listen to AD. However, there are a few songs played exclusively in AD that I will sorely miss. Most of all Talderoy, by the Pirates Charles, and pretty much any version of Bell Bottom Trousers. If you can find any way to incorporate some of these really good ones into the regular show (perhaps nearish to the end), I’m sure you’d make many of us very happy pirates!

  6. Ah, hell, I’m going to college next year, so it’ll only be an issue for a few months.

  7. Maybe some of the borderline dirty AD songs will make it into the regular show? And maybe one of the real nasties every now and then, preceded by a “content” warning?

  8. Paisley – much of that is still murky. Many of Bilgemunky After Dark’s songs were merely suggestive, or occasionally used a bad word, and I think these easily fall within the “PG13” guidelines try to use as my rough barometer for being safe for the regular show. The more explicit stuff will likely never see the podcast again, as I don’t want to run afoul of iTunes’ (vague) guidelines regarding explicit material. However, there are possibilities that live listeners might occasional get an occasional revisit into afterdark territory, although I hate to make promises at this time.

  9. It’s a great shame to hear about the death of After dark, some of my favourite songs came from there especially the salty Dick tunes. Would/could there not be a possibility of say a pre recorded After Dark that gets put straight out in podcast form or if it were simply a time wise factor even a different day for the after dark show?

    At any rate heres to the shows we’ve had and to hoping that this last show will be the Smuttiest of them yet with no clean songs

  10. I’m fighting the urge to freak out but at least this means no more Salty Dick. I will take that and be ok with the rest.

  11. I’m glad that you’ve found a silver lining, but seriously, dropping AD isn’t the tragedy some might think. Bilgemunky Radio was always the core of the show, with After Dark simply being those few songs that were too explicit to air otherwise, and then fleshed out as best I could. Bilgemunky Radio has loads of opportunity for growth and development, while AD had largely run its course for me. Doing the same thing week after week with the same small selection of AD songs just didn’t seem worthwhile.

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