Bilgemunky to DJ at PyrateCon!

I’m excited to announce that PyrateCon has invited me to do a little DJing this April. And what’s more, I’ll be doing so from smack in the middle of Bourbon Street! I’m not sure how many DJs (of any genre) can boast having done such a thing, but I’ll wager it’s not too many.

The final schedule TBA, but by the looks of things I’ll be doing two sets – one on Friday the 3rd and one on Saturday the 4th. So when you arrive in New Orleans (you ARE going to PyrateCon, aren’t you?) make sure to check your schedule so you can hang out with me and groove to the best mix of pirate and pirate-core music in existence! Lookin’ forward to seein’ you all there!!!

Oh, and if you’re not already familiar with PyrateCon, be sure and check it out at For two years running now the formula has been simple: New Orleans + pirates + rum = Greatest Weekend Ever. Don’t miss it!

11 thoughts on “Bilgemunky to DJ at PyrateCon!

  1. YO HO HO!
    Bilgemunky on Bourbon Street!
    Sharpen yer cutlass ‘n load yer cannons, it is almost time to party Pyrate-Style in New Orleans. See you all there.

  2. “New Orleans + pirates + rum = Greatest Weekend Ever”

    No one could say it better. Yaaaaar!

    Question: will you have a little pirate hat on the ground for tips? Might as well take the saps for all they will give. Being a pirate is great, isn’t it?

  3. Red, don’t you ever pay attention between 6 and 9 pm on mondays? No podcast love for you lubbers! Mwuahaha!

    Not sure if Bilge the pirate master can work a PA and a laptop and STILL be able to record it all. Plus, he’ll be drunk. Don’t ask too much of the guy. lol

  4. Sorry – no live streaming. Live streaming of a party tends to present two primary problems. First, what’s suitable for the live crowd isn’t always what’s best for the radio crowd – those there prolly want to hear music, not live interviews of folks they’re standing right next to. But what’s more, the bandwidth issues can be forboding.

    That said, I WILL be posting DAILY reports on both Pyrate Week and PyrateCon activities during my entire stay in New Orleans – complete with pix 🙂

  5. We’ll be seein ya thare!!! Will look ye up and get ya a cop of our self titled album recently released in Oct. 2008

    Capt’n. Drake
    Guild Master of The Mid-Western Sea Dogs

  6. *sigh* Again, I must live vicariously through Bilgemunky. I guess there are worse things…

  7. Well…if yer not too busy, drop by and support any of the NOLA Pyrate Week events that will still be rolling…there be a huge Block Party to support the family of fallen NOPD Det. Tommie Felix on Sat. Apr. 4 from 1pm-8pm.
    FELIX FEST is sponsored by Bacardi Rum, The Avenue Pub and NOLA Pyrate Week in partnership with the NOPD.

    Several live bands, infamous local DJ, fire acts, trapeze artists, Pyrate magician, merchants, food rum and more…

  8. Have no fear, Capt. Swallow – Although it’s PyrateCon that’s hired me to DJ, I look mighty forward to patronizing both events, as well as any other pirate miscellania that occurs during that time in NO as well!

  9. Just keep your eyes open for yours truly, mates. You may find a drunk pirate wondering with no direction whatsoever. I may require direction and some kind words.

    And people to get hammered with is always a bonus.

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