Bilgemunky vs. Bigfoot!!!

OK, to be fair, it’s actually “Pirates vs. Bigfoots” – but you can guess which side I’ll be on (unless the Bigfoots makes me a better offer.)

I’m super-psyched for this upcoming event – truly one like no other. Fans of Rustmoster already know that this band is one of extremely diverse creativity and coolness, so you can only imagine what sort of magic happens when they dress up in furry suits and perform Journey cover songs (you don’t have to imagine – check out the video.) And when they invited me out to help them perform Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor on stage? Really, how could I say no? Actually I said no. Twice. But then they learned some dark secrets from my past and threatened to go to the tabloids. And so now I’m going to Salt Lake City – who’s with me?

4 thoughts on “Bilgemunky vs. Bigfoot!!!

  1. It’s a good thing we keep a file on you. Bilge is our idol, we are honored that he is willing to be blackmailed into coming to our show.


  2. Damn! I really wish I could make this! Salt Lake isn’t really all that far away for me. But sadly, that weekend already holds a ton of craziness, being right before Halloween and all. Bilge, you should hold them hostage until they finish your song! (As in, the one you wrote for them)

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