Bilgemunky’s 100th Podcast TOMORROW NIGHT!

Don’t miss the most exciting Bilgemunky Radio ever! Tomorrow night is Bilgemunky’s 100th, and it will be full of surprises the likes of which you never ever ever imagined. Let the rum flow and tune in – don’t miss a moment! Visit to get listening details!

21 thoughts on “Bilgemunky’s 100th Podcast TOMORROW NIGHT!

  1. Doglock, you missed so much! Nazis captured, tortured and KILLED Bilge during the show last night. After Dark was conducted by some kind of German accented robot. It was crazy!!!

  2. Well, I WAS going to come here to chew out Bilge for making the 100th episode rather lame and overall disappointing, but he apparently died facing off his captors.
    I’m sorry, Bilge. On the other hand, it seems ye got better; I’ve been dead before on your show, and it’s rather therapeutic after it’s over.

  3. That was an interesting podcast to catch up on. I like that it was more of a “show” rather then a broadcast. It’s nice to hear a little theater back in radio.

    Despite what that f’n computer said.. I do not like the Salty Dick.

  4. It was enjoyable that the ENTIRE chat room was ripping on bilge the whole show, and that he couldn’t boot us for it! Dog, you missed your chance to shine!

  5. I am a pirate at heart, Sir. Had that opportunity presented itself to me I would have passed.

    What’s the point of ripping on Bilge if he’s not there to get the hiccups?

  6. Not to worry mates I got me some lads trackin’ down this Baron and his robot woman. We shall avenge the BilgeMunkey

  7. by avenge, I assume you mean congratulate and shake his hand?

    I’m pretty sure that that robot woman was a backup system bilge had installed, should he die while on air, so that the show wouldn’t be silence and eat up money for nothing.

    just sayin’

  8. “…..and eat up money for nothing.” that’s definitely his m.o.

    I’m also sure the robot was designed to feed Bilge rum through an IV.

    He’s kinda like Popeye but with a bum liver.

  9. How can there be, unless the emergency backup takes over again? Maybe Bilge will return to us when the barriers between life and the afterlife weaken on Halloween…

  10. Pat yerself on the back and then give the Narwhals a high-five – that was the 1,000th comment on, Jack!

  11. Yeah way to go Jack. Could have made the 1k comment calling Bilge a little girl but Noooooo… it had to be narwhals. The unicorn of the sea. How does that make you feel?

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