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  1. I do hope he’s in it but I don’t care if he’s Davy Jones or not. He’s just one of those distinguished actors but without the chip on his shoulder. I hope he decides to go for it but only if the script doesn’t suck munkyballs.

  2. I just had an epiphany- Pirates 4 should be about Jack & Barbossa going to find some treasure, Barbossa and the crew mutiny against Jack after they discover where it is hidden, abandon Jack on some island, and get the treasure themselves.

    Only… and here’s the twist: the gold is cursed!

    But right at the end, Jack gets off the island and to the mainland, where he immediately sets out on regaining his ship! He’s not dead after all!

    This plot could totally work the same way PotC 2 ended, leading directly into another movie. That’s a guarantee for a 5th PotC film, and audiences will love it!

    It’s kinda like that crappy Indiana Jones 4 movie, only way cooler, cause it will have Johnny Depp wandering around saying ‘Savvy’ and ‘Why is all the Rum Gone’? Maybe we can get Tim Burton to direct it, and Helena Bonham Carter can be a sassy wench in it who won’t help the plot move along at all! Maybe she can share some screen time with Evan Stone guy too, cause I hear he was a good actor in some other pirate movies that I didn’t see.

    Hell, I should just take over making PotC 6-10, because the board members who are deciding where to take these stories (other than to their grave) are doing one tenth what I could!

    Cool idea huh?

  3. Coolest ever. I’ll call Evan Stone and see what he has to say.

    Seriously – I have Evan Stone’s phone number. How do ya like me now?

  4. you, of all people, would have Evan Stone’s phone number.

    He doesn’t happen to be german, by any chance?

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