Black Tot Day Has Come Early This Year…

By most calendars, Black Tot Day doesn’t come until July 31st. But this year things are different as I’ve just confirmed that Sea Wynde Rum has indeed been discontinued.

My own relationship with Sea Wynde has been tumultuous. I first tried it shortly before starting and indeed loved it. I tried a bottle some years later and found it over-charred and foul. But in recent years they must have perfected the formula – indeed, my love of it has only grown since last reviewing it in 2007. In recent years Sea Wynde has almost perfectly captured what I feel a “real” rum should be: a powerhouse of rumminess – smooth enough to sip, but still full of life and gunpowder. Much better to my tastes than many of today’s cognac-wannabe “top shelf” sissy rums.

But sadly Castle Brands has deemed it necessary to give up on this fine product, as I’ve personally confirmed with their Marketing Department – I guess there just aren’t enough of us out there with the stones to enjoy a true rum. But the good news is that, depending on your location, you might still be able to score a few bottles to benefit future generations. But act fast – reader Mad L, who alerted me to this sad state of affairs, has reported a distinct scarcity of Sea Wynde in his own neck of the woods, with some locations selling their few remaining bottles at steep markups.

So if you’re a Sea Wynde fan, good luck in your quest for a last stash of this extraordinary rum. And whether you’re a fan or not, tip your hats and raise a glass to the demise of one of the more admirable, truly piratey rums to come our way.

6 thoughts on “Black Tot Day Has Come Early This Year…

  1. Thanks for the head’s up!
    Had to call half the Lee’s in town before I found any Wynde.
    Pickin ’em up on me way home.;)

  2. Happy to be of service! So far I’ve found NO mention of this anywhere else online, so at first I’d hoped Mad L was mistaken (and I certainly didn’t want to invest in multiple bottles of Sea Wynde without good cause.) But aye, as soon as I confirmed the rumors I rushed out to invest in a small stash of my own.

  3. The Black Tot Day article has a rum pudding recipe “should you have any rum left over from drinking.” What does that phrase mean?

  4. Listen to the Bilge, it is true. Fortunately in south Florida we are blessed with a bunch of Indian discount liquor stores who manage to have and keep deep supplies – Sea Wynde is still pretty easy to find here.

    But trust me, I’ve already bought one backup, and will buy a few more when the shelves really do look empty (and the prices drop).

    Shame on them. A truly classic, serious rum. Buy as many as you find.

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