Blackbeard’s Sword? Not Likely. Still Cool.

So I suppose it’s high time I post this, as it’s been cluttering the webosphere for a few days at least. In excavating Blackbeard’s Ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, a sword hilt was discovered. Several news stories are even speculating that it might be Blackbeard’s very own sword, despite absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

So is it really so far fetched that it be Blackbeard’s sword? My thought is… YES. Not only are the odds of, out of a huge pirate crew, this being Blackbeard’s sword, tucked away in the bowels of the ship rather than topside being swung about by the man himself, incredibly small – but what’s more, we all know that Blackbeard’s sword was the size of a ship’s mast. Otherwise he never would have been able to decapitate Paul Bunyon, nor stab the sun (leading to the famous 30 Day of Night, dramatized in the recent vampire flick that was completely historically innacurate.)

So no, this isn’t Blackbeard’s Sword. Keep looking!

5 thoughts on “Blackbeard’s Sword? Not Likely. Still Cool.

  1. As I’ve stated on “If the reports of Blackbeard’s death are to be believed, Blackbeard died upon Lt. Maynard’s ship, after fighting Maynard sword to sword. I would think that Blackbeard’s sword would have been claimed as a prize by one of the surviving sailors under Maynard’s command, if not given as a gift to Maynard himself.”

  2. This is definitely Blackbeard’s sword, on the grounds that all swords within a three-mile radius of Blackbeard were, by definition, Blackbeard’s swords.

  3. Blackbeard would not have left his sword behind on a ship that he was abandoning. Also why all the hype over Blackbeard? He was more a self-promoter than a pirate. The man sure knew how to build a legend. But he didn’t know how to actually profit from his crimes.

  4. Aye.. Twas Blackbeards sword by default. It were in his armory. Though the one E was swingin the day E died most likely went to the man who ran him down… Lt. Robert Maynard … The Bloody Bastard! Says I…

    Mad Davy Flynt

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