Blood Island Trailer

Ready for a low budget pirate horror that doesn’t suck ballshot? Me too. Sadly, Blood Island from Fixed Point Films looks every bit as lame as all the others. Maybe slightly better than Curse of Pirate Death, but that’s a bloodly low bar to begin with.

Seriously, low budget or no, does it cost a penny to come up with a decent story for once? Something other than “a gaggle of lame 20-somethings go looking for treasure and then stumble across a cursed dead pirate who kills them one by one”? I can forgive bad effects, bad cinematography… even bad acting (to a point.)┬áBut crikes, could someone get a half-assed story together?

5 thoughts on “Blood Island Trailer

  1. Don’t worry Bilge, we got a good script over here and once we get you in the movie.. you’ll HAVE to give it a great review. Why? How could a movie starring Bilgemunky not be a blockbuster of epic proportions?

    By the way, can you loan us $50k to fund the thing?

  2. Oh… and I’ll say this in response to that actual movie. I know low budget means no money….. but there’s no excuse for not bringing a tri-pod. Still shots need to be just that… still.

  3. I think people somehow got entered into a “Let’s make a movie worse than ‘Curse of Pirate Death’ contest” and now everyone is making crappy pirate horror movies to see who the lucky winner is. My money? “Curse of Pirate Death 2: The Search for More Death…By Pirates who are Cursed.”

  4. Has anyone noticed that the “ghost pirate” looks a little bit like a certain character from a certain Disney pirate film?

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