Bottle of rum falls out of book bag in school

News: Bottle of rum falls out of book bag in school | bottle, student, rum :

I don’t support underage drinking in any way, shape or form. Young pirates would do best to stick to root beer, which is not only tasty, but is a great weapon against ghosts (as per Monkey Island canon.)

BUT… if you’re going to smuggle rum in your backpack – underage or not – don’t risk a court date over BACARDI. It’s just not worth it!!!

4 thoughts on “Bottle of rum falls out of book bag in school

  1. How does a newspaper even consider this news? There must be absolutely nothing going on in this town, that when a kid gets busted for booze, they publish it in the freakin newspaper. Kids get busted for booze in schools in some way or another every day. It should almost be expected.

  2. I agree with RedTom. It must be a very small town to publish something as common as this. I like that they even explained how the officer disposed of the rum as well. Luckily for us, better down a sink then in your pie hole with Bacardi.

    “The student told administrators and the school’s resource officer that a friend had given him the bottle to hold while he’d been at work the night before”.

    You see, he got the bottle the night before and yet he brought it to school so he could keep it warm. If this kid was a true “pirate” there would have been no evidence the next morning.

    They probably let the kid keep the coke and mixer though.

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