Buccaneer Beta Testing!

Buccaneer: The Pursuit of Infamy – an upcoming MMO – is now available for beta testing! Sign up now, if you’re interested in checking in out.

The game is still in development (of course), but it appears that it’s going to be a ship-centric MMO, meaning no mucking about as a pirate in town. But I would imagine this means more resources can be alloted to making for proper, piratey, fun ship-to-ship combat. Screenshots definitely look great, as does the trailer – can’t wait to see more.

One thought on “Buccaneer Beta Testing!

  1. As long as this is better then Pirates of the Burning Sea MMO then it should be a good game. So far I’ve been disappointed with every pirate game save one, Sid Meier’s. See you guys in beta! Also there’s another beta underway called Age Of Booty. Rather cartoon looking and I haven’t had a chance to make my mark there just yet in case ye be interested.

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