Buy your own pirate ship!

Dreadnought Pirate Ship

That’s right – if you’re too lazy to stealĀ a ship proper then you can now make like Stede Bonnet and do the unthinkable – BUY one! While its location (a small manmade lake in southeastern Wisconsin) may not seem the perfect site for plundering, it does make a rather fine living for itself raking in the bucks from tourists.

One thought on “Buy your own pirate ship!

  1. See, if we were to go around buying pirate ships we would undoubtedly try to party with Teach and he would just take our ship away and make us hang out with him all the time.
    I know what you’re thinking, “Hanging out with BB would be awesome!” but the smell of burnt hair and making our own “hell” parties below deck would get old very fast.

    $475,000(+tax) would buy a lot of rum. I wouldn’t make it to the shipwright in time. The women of today prefer a man with a more versatile vessel. Very much like Bilge’s dingy (but pending reports may indicate it is waterlogged at the moment) <3

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