Capn Jimbo Praises Bilgemunky for his Bell Shape…


Captain Jimbo’s Rum Project recently conducted a survey of online rum reviewers to determine which of us review our rums fairly and honestly, and which are more interested in making friends and singing love songs to every rum manufacturer under the sun. And apparently, stacked up rather well 🙂

Capn Jimbo’s Rum Project Forum :: View Forum – Scuttlebutt (shhh…).

Thanks for the kind words, Capn Jimbo! I always strive to honestly evaluate rums, and yes, I indeed have a shameless bent for traditional styles. If some lubber wants to enjoy a rum that tastes like cognac or brandy, buy yerself a cognac or brandy, sez I!

One thought on “Capn Jimbo Praises Bilgemunky for his Bell Shape…

  1. Good on you Bilge! You’re my trusted guide to rums, I learned to drink following your reviews and they’ve always lead me to good times

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