Captain Morgan Love tha Baseball

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve always respected Captain Morgan Rum. As a brand, it’s fun and piratey. And as a rum – well, they have no illusions about what they are. Unlike some pedestrian rums with delusions of top-shelf grandeur (*cough* Bacardi), Captain Morgan seems to be comfortable in their own skin as a mainstream party mixer – and nothing wrong with that. So yeah, it’s fitting that one of America’s favorite mixer rums would team up with one of America’s favorite sports by throwing the first pitch at Baseball Games:

Captain Morgan | First Pitch | Sponsorship

Fun idea, and a great way to continue the gradual infiltration of pirates into mainstream culture. The takeover has begun!

Be sure and watch some of the videos of Morgan as well. What surprised me most is that *I* actually seem to have a better pirate voice than the bloke portraying Captain Morgan. Any rums need a spokesman?

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