Coming Soon – Ron de Jeremy Rum

Some years ago I was in Vegas. We’re walking around the Venetian when my wife turns to me and says, “Hey, isn’t that Ron Jeremy over there?” And it was. True story. Some day maybe I’ll tell you about my Paris Hilton and Gene Simmons run-ins. They’re almost as good.

Ron Jeremy now has his own rum. Which I would be pretty stoked about if I wasn’t seething with jealousy. I mean, what’s he accomplished that Bilgemunky hasn’t?

Oh yeah, that.

Anyways, it looks classy as all hell, which only makes it all the awesomer that it’s Ron Jeremy’s rum – quite literally Ron de Jeremy (is that a pun? Play on words? I get them confused.)

They’ve promised to send me a bottle once they release them to the US market, so fingers crossed I can share the news with you soon!

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Ron de Jeremy Rum

  1. Hmm… besides the hype, i am interested to hear how exactly would that rum taste and how would it remind you Ron Jeremy.

    Thankfully, it seems to be dark rum and i hope that it is made in traditions of Caribbean, instead of Cuban.

  2. So……….me wonders what kind of fancy Ron Jeremy drinks would be made with this rum? I sure don’t want no floater from him!

  3. Oi- McCool-
    don’t want something t’ be floatin’ in there…like the worm in tequila, aye?

  4. While Ron is a hero to many of us, let’s hope there are no hairs to be pulled out. *cough*hack*

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