Concerning Bilgemunky Radio…

Ahoy all!

It’s been one hell of a summer – plenty of heat to make the rum all the sweeter, and a couple of pirate festivals thrown in for good measure.

This past May I put Bilgemunky Radio on a summer hiatus. The reasons for this were twofold. First off, I was having hardware issues that made it increasingly difficult to broadcast a quality show. Taking the summer off gave me the time I needed to evaluate the situation and consider possible solutions.

The second reason for the hiatus was to regroup and determine the state of Bilgemunky Radio, and where it might go next. While sharing pirate music each week these past several years has been enjoyable and rewarding, it’s also become somewhat repetative. Pirate music doesn’t grow and evolve as quickly as other, more populated genres, and so it’s sometimes difficult to build a music-based program that’s substantially different from the hundreds of Bilgemunky Radio podcasts already available for download.

Finally, while not one of the original reasons for the time off, a third factor has emerged in that I’ve found more and more opportunities to branch out professionally and creatively – far beyond the scope of Bilgemunky Radio. Over the summer I’ve been able to fill several roles with different companies as a creative consultant, doing everything from drafting viral ad proposals to ghost-writing short fiction pieces. This very weekend, in fact, I’m experimenting with motion sensing technology and exploring its potential applications in entertainment and marketing. It’s really fun, really exciting stuff, but also quite time consuming.

As I look ahead at these new challenges, and then look back at Bilgemunky Radio, I’ve decided that I’ve done as much as I can with the radio show at this time. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done, I’m wildly grateful to all the fantastic artists and fans that have made it possible, and I sincerely hope that Pirate-Core will continue to grow and evolve as a genre. But producing a weekly pirate radio production simply isn’t something I can continue at this time. will remain true to form, although updates are necessarily less frequent than they once were. Bilgemunky Radio podcasts will also remain available for streaming and download. And, fates be kind, I even hope to attend a pirate festival here and there. Basically, while Bilgemunky Radio itself is shutting down, I have no intention of putting my pirate hat out to pasture – I’ve had to many great experiences – and made far too many great friends – to ever ditch piracy altogether.

Thanks once again for all the support of Bilgemunky Radio over the years. It really was a brilliant adventure, and one I’ll look back on fondly. But while the show itself is done, pirate music still goes on and there’s loads more piratey fun to be had – I look forward to it all!

18 thoughts on “Concerning Bilgemunky Radio…

  1. In the wise words of Dr Seuss

    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

    Thanks for the fun times. Fair winds and following seas in your travels. JimC

  2. Too bad the show’s not still going on, but 209 episodes and 5 years is quite an achievement.

    Do us a favor, Bilge, and post any pirate related news you come across, will you?

  3. It’s happened. You’ve grown up….

  4. Thank you for the fun times Bilge and support of all the musicians! I will very much miss the shows and the chat room.
    It was quite and ride! Lots of laughs and you were most entertaining all along the way. I wish you much success in your new venture!

    Fair Winds, Be well, stay safe
    Jenny aka Thyme Awaye

  5. Darn, I almost figured out how to listen to a podcast. And just for you. (I’m old, and a little slow.) The Chumbucket Clan is back in the states and hoping to hit a few festivals in the coming year. Perhaps we’ll run into each other on the road. Perhaps we could even PLAN that!

  6. Brilliant quote, JimC!

    Chumbucket – podcast or no, we figured you were always with us in spirit. And aye, it would be grand to meet up at a fest!

  7. keep the wind at yer back, tankard half full,an the ladies as happy as you. i have learned some about a computer because of you. thank ya Son Srgnt. at arms Fernandina pirate club jolly dogger george jernigan i never tryed to bother ya before , shame now its goodby mate.

  8. I thank ye well for grantin’ me the boons that ye did. All I can pray now be that ye continue to live hale and hearty, and that there be more rums to try, an’ cigars to savor. Thank ye, Bilge, for the part you had in the friends I made, the music I danced to, and the way ye let this wee lassie stay up late on many a school night. I ain’t so little any longer, but rest assured, there be plenty o’ crafty schemes fer stayin’ awake in college!
    Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas- hell, have a nice life!

    -Lefty Liz

  9. Thank you for introducing me to “Pirate-Core” and being entertaining during the long hours at work. I was so looking forward to new episodes, but I will admit, I’m intrigued….

    Writing you say…. 🙂

    Good luck in all your works! Maybe we can convince you to put up a special episode now and again.


  10. Thanks for all the kind words, mates! And I want to remind everyone that this is hardly goodbye – be sure and follow/friend me on Facebook if you’ve not already done so 🙂

  11. Well, crap.

    Been good getting to know you, Bilge. I will stay in touch with you all the same. Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help you along your new path.

    Yours truly,

    Craig Nybo
    The RUSTMONSTER Pirate Band

  12. I am so sad that I found you after the end of what seems to be a great era. I love listening to the podcast at work. Al though it does make me sad I can’t have rum at work. Thank you for do this and spending the time on it.

  13. Eye wish you continued success in all you get your munkey paws on mate. Thank you for coloring a part of my life on Monday nights. You created opportunity for a community of pirates to come together and become real friends and that means alot. Again my sincere thanx.

  14. Bilge –

    Sorry to hear about the show. I was an avid listener of the pod casts as I could not listen live. Best wishes and my your ship never spring a leak.

  15. Just last year I got an iPhone, and then this year I on Itunes I stumbled across your podcasts. I looked up the website right after you posted the message taking your hiatus. The wife thinks I’m nuts listening and singing along to Bilgemunky in the shower, but I told her if she didn’t like, she could go walk the plank! Thank you thankyou thank – you for chaning my world for the piratey better.

  16. Bilge,

    Last one to the party again – yikes!

    Thanks for all of the great shows and thanks for the numerous times that you’ve kindly played Bounding Main’s music. I’m a lousy multi-tasker and I’ve got years of podcasts to catch up on. I have to say, there are some amazing artists that you’ve played that I’d never know about except for you. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on this project and best of luck with all of your current adventures.

    Bounding Main

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