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I’d heard rumors of this, but only just now came across the official website. NBC is going to release a series about Robinson Crusoe, permiering October 17th.

Having never read the book, and only seen one movie on the subject of Crusoe (and a rather bad one at that), I think I’ll be able to watch this with fresh eyes and determine it’s suck vs. awesome factor on its own merit. TV doesn’t really have a great track record when it comes to pirates, but we’ll see.

From the preview, I gather this much – Crusoe is an ordinary bloke who’s been torn from his boring existence and forced to live upon a tropical paradise where he’s hunted by pirates and gets to flirt each day¬†with a hot pirate chick. And dispite this incredible turn of fate, he still morns for the loss of his old life. There’s no pleasing some people.

One thought on “Crusoe on NBC

  1. I work for NBC and I can say this show looks interesting so far. I hope it doesn’t turn into another pirate master and get pulled after 5 episodes. I’m also looking forward to the slave relationship with Friday and see if they stay true to the book.

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