Davy Jones Hat Looks Pretty Sweet

Generally, if a pirate clothing vendor wants their swag mentioned on this site they’ve got to send me a sample for review. But Captain Jack’s Pirate Hats’ new Davy Jones Hat takes over 70 hours to make apiece, so I think we’ll give them a pass. From the pictures it looks to be quite the thing – barnacles, clams, seaweed, and I think their might even be some needles and plastic rings from soda cans tucked in the back (it’s a modern Davy Jones.)


You can check it all out for yourself at www.captjackspiratehats.com. The hats won’t be sold there, though. Due to the limited production, Jack only plans to make them available through ebay, so get ready to bid!

2 thoughts on “Davy Jones Hat Looks Pretty Sweet

  1. Oh Cpt. Mackay… how much I love thee (work). Auction eh?, Well that be the best way to do it when you can’t really put a price on 70 hours of work on top of the limited edition nature of the work.

    Yaaaar! if only I had the face appendages.

  2. Aye…. Ebay it be Maties! And it be there now, so bid on it. Auction ends in a week. Thanks for the pass Master Bilgemunky.

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