Drink Like a Pirate Day!

Not to be too shameless in my admiration, but it always makes my day when PirateMod sends out one of their emails with new items. True, they have an incredible selection of pirate t-shirts, but I’m particularly¬†a fan of their other, more fashion-forward efforts of late. Which is why it’s so funny that it was one of their new T-shirt designs that so caught my attention. I mean, just look at it!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is fast approaching (September 19th, if you didn’t know), and I expect you all to celebrate accordingly. But shirts like this remind us that while TLAPD is only once a year, we still have 364 more days to enjoy our rum!

4 thoughts on “Drink Like a Pirate Day!

  1. My only problem with pirate mod is the quality of the shirts. I ordered three long sleeve shirts, i got 2 in the mail and they just didn’t seem like the good quality shirts i hope for. I still love there designs, but wouldn’t buy a long sleeve again.

  2. Never got one of their long sleeve t’s, but I do have several of their short sleeve t’s that I’ve worn to death for years with no sign of decay (just some gentle fading.)

  3. Steve here from PirateMod. To be honest, this is the first complaint I’ve ever heard about long-sleeve tee quality. We use only Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton heavyweight – which is pretty usual industry standard and generally considered a quite nice shirt. We actually work hard to ONLY use quality garments and never cut corners when it comes to stuff like this. I’m not sure what you look for in a long sleeve tee – but we certainly always appreciate feedback – – – Just thought I’d pipe in.
    Thanks for the nice comments on the Drink Like a Pirate Shirt!
    long live the Munky!

  4. Sorry Bilge, but I have now been waiting almost 2 full month and have NOT HEARD A WORD from pirate mod on my order. The money have been taken from my bank the day after I ordered, No Word from them – I waited a month and wrote them a polite inquiry and 2 weeks later – NOTHING – I sent 3 more very polite e-mails asking about my $75 purchase – its been over a week again and STILL NOTHING!?!

    Sorry, I can NOT recommend such merchants to my mates, not when they can not even send a simple courtesy e-mail to a customer who has waited now 2 months and their site states: “Most orders go out within 10 days”

    So – Have I been ripped off? Is my stuff back ordered, discontinued – WHAT?
    Now I am about to drive up the coast and let them meet one angry pirate!

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