Free Willy 4: Escape from Pirates Cove Trailer

I don’t know, but this movie just screams of exploitation to me. When will people learn that you can’t go around using pirates for amusement? I’m just sayin’.

And while we’re on the subject, just how many times does Willy need to get himself rescued before he learns his lesson, anyways?

2 thoughts on “Free Willy 4: Escape from Pirates Cove Trailer

  1. I’m pretty sure that this movie is about hippy children stealing property from their parents, releasing it into the wild, and then getting away with it without even a slap on the wrist. I’m pretty sure that the fish & wildlife warden even told them that the whale won’t be able to survive in the ocean on it’s own, but do you think those kids will listen to that? Noooo…

    Soon, Willy will be a floating feast for sharks and sea birds out there.

    What, do you think that pirates would ever exploit a helpless, man-destroying whale it the dumb blubber fish happened to wash into the pirate cove? Of course we would!

    What are we trying to teaching kids these days?

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