Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

Wow – I can’t even count how many stars are in alignment. The monkey gods are smiling – this time with a non-Monkey Island project by the same artists reponsible for Curse of Monkey Island. And when you see the screenshots, I think you’ll find yourself in well familiar waters. No real info yet, except that it’s being made by Autumn Moon Entertainment, who appear to be in the market of fun, friendly games in which the players are the “bad guys” (usually vampires, but this time, I’m assuming, ghost pirates.)


Hit “more” to see additional screenshots.




4 thoughts on “Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

  1. Sometimes you have to take a great idea from the clutches of an evil business. Yaaaar this also looks good. =)

  2. comparing this game to monkey island is like ,,well,, not comparable! This game is NOT funny, horribly enduring; sitting through mindless never ending dialogue and poor dubbing you can’t skip, not to mention the completely stupid, childlish unintersting plot and storyline,

    the puzzles are generally very bad too, uncessarily intricate, illogical and completely stupid, like spending half the game’s time on gatheromg coconuts and others things to combine things in endless ways for the most ridiculous thing..

    puzzles for puzzles’ sake is NEVER good!, this isn’t close to Monkey island at all, no humor, no clever puzzles and worst of all, no charm!!

  3. Sorry to hear that, kAREN – the graphics looked fun, and I’d hoped the game might be as well. Haven’t yet seen it in the states yet, so haven’t had a chance to check it out.

  4. it’s a Tiller written game. This, for those in the know, means it is far too short for the asking price. It also means tedious dialog, poorly executed humor, and far too easy puzzles.

    Hey, Tiller produces lovely illustrations and paintings. this is his forte and his day job, which he should never leave. As an artist, Tiller is admirable. As a writer, he ranks poorly and has yet to create a decent adventure game.

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