“Hart of Dixie” Celebrates “Planksgiving”


That’s right, Hart of Dixie, the show you probably never watch about a New York doctor who seems more like ditsy petĀ manicurist, is having a pirate-themed Thanksgiving episode.

Shiver Me Timbers! First Look at Hart of Dixie’s Thanksgiving Episodeā€”Pirate Style! – E! Online.

I’m not a fan of puns, but “Planksgiving” does seem a tad clever. And yet, just knowing this episode exists makes me want to go cry in the shower.

1 thought on ““Hart of Dixie” Celebrates “Planksgiving”

  1. Aye, it be PLANKSGIVING in deed ‘n oh what a GRAND TIME o’ yarr it be!!

    With any luck they did not cut out the shots with me and Ass Pony (Brian Sweeny). However I should be in the one on that page but they seem to have chosen the 1st shoot; before the producer moved myself and Ass Pony behind the main actors – The SWINE!!! (perhaps we will show up in some wider angle shots…)

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