“Hart of Dixie” Celebrates “Planksgiving”


That’s right, Hart of Dixie, the show you probably never watch about a New York doctor who seems more like ditsy petĀ manicurist, is having a pirate-themed Thanksgiving episode.

Shiver Me Timbers! First Look at Hart of Dixie’s Thanksgiving Episodeā€”Pirate Style! – E! Online.

I’m not a fan of puns, but “Planksgiving” does seem a tad clever. And yet, just knowing this episode exists makes me want to go cry in the shower.

One thought on ““Hart of Dixie” Celebrates “Planksgiving”

  1. Aye, it be PLANKSGIVING in deed ‘n oh what a GRAND TIME o’ yarr it be!!

    With any luck they did not cut out the shots with me and Ass Pony (Brian Sweeny). However I should be in the one on that page but they seem to have chosen the 1st shoot; before the producer moved myself and Ass Pony behind the main actors – The SWINE!!! (perhaps we will show up in some wider angle shots…)

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