Here we go again…

It happened time and again with Pirates of the Caribbean 3. During development, Keith Richards made headlines for his pending role as Jack Sparrow’s father. Then he made headlines when the role turned out to be just a rumor. Then again when the rumors turned out to be true. Back and forth, back and forth, lots of gossip with no actual news.

Well, guess what? Headlines have been made again during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides, once again suggesting that Keith Richards will return. I found this dubious, since Disney had pulled him from promoting PotC3 after he publicly suggested he’d mixed up his father’s ashes with cocaine and snorted them. Those were the rumors, anyways. So you’ll understand why I found his return to be less than likely. And so now I find myself utterly not-surprised at the latest headline:

Keith Richards Role Cut from Pirates of the Caribbean 4 for Drug Use?

Shock!!! But don’t worry, Captain Teague fans – I’m sure we’re in for a ping-pong match regarding Keith Richards’ participation (or lack thereof) in this latest PotC installment. The only thing not in question is his history of drug use, so perhaps Disney should just make its peace with that one way or the other.

6 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Great irony that a franchise about pirates that includes a lead character that is so drunk that he seems incapable of even remembering that he in fact finished all of the rum is now possible going to keep a rockstar out of it’s franchise because…he’s a bad role model??? Sigh.

  2. I saw an interview on Sunday morning on CBS with Keith Richards. He admitted that he did snort his father’s ashes.
    He said he opened the cannister they were contained in and some of the ashes flew out onto the table. He said he did indeed snort them. He later buried the canester with his father’s ashes at the base of a tree. Somehow I don’t think Keith really cares about the role, lol.

  3. Disney won’t make peace with the drug issue, not that they care. But as long as the rumors keep bouncing back in forth Disney keeps getting free press.

  4. So Keith Richards got canned after discussing his autobiography in public… Does this mean that Johnny Depp might get in trouble cause he helped narrate the audiobook version?

  5. Saw a post on a Disney related group, Keith is not cut, his scenes will be in the movie. So… rumor mill continues.

  6. Well, according to Mr. Richards’ autobiography, he hasn’t done any drugs since he feel out of that tree and broke his head a few years back.

    I actually fear what will happen when Keith Richards dies. I worry it will cause some sort of terrible natural disaster like the Tunguska Event.

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