2 thoughts on “Hey, at least it wasn’t the spinning teacups…

  1. Man, that’s nothing! Someday I’ve got to tell you about how Sarah and I got stranded on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland for like 2 hours at midnight, with a family a couple boats ahead of us and around the corner screaming “OH MAH GAWD!! OH MAH GAWD!! HAYULP US!! HAYULP US!! OH MAH GAWD!! SOMEBODY OPEN A TRAPDOOR OR SUMTHIN!! MAH FRIEND’S HAVIN’ A PANIC ATTACK!! HAYULP US!!”
    I could type it all out, but it’s much better told in person. In the end, we got a refund for one full ticket so we could pay for a cab back to our hotel since we missed our shuttle – which means that in effect we got into Disneyland for half price just because I wanted to ride Pirates one last time. I think we can all find a lesson in this story.
    (On a related note, I also got stuck on Pirates once when I was a little kid. In retrospect, this explains a lot)

  2. Man that ride breaks down all the time. I’ve been stuck on it for at least an hour at least three or four times, and disney never offered me anything for it. At least the ride is nice and cool, just about any other ride breaking down in FL would come with the risk of heat stroke.

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