I Gotta Side with Bacardi on This One…

Hrmmm…  a bartender screws up his pyrotechnic drink mixing, thus burning a customer. The customer, who in this case likely has a good reason to sue, bypasses the bartender, bypasses the bar, and instead sues the rum that caught fire. I guess the bar didn’t have deep enough pockets.

Law.com – Burn Victim’s Suit Goes Forward Against Bacardi Over Bartender’s Pyrotechnics

5 thoughts on “I Gotta Side with Bacardi on This One…

  1. Rookie. What a laughable, pitiable rookie.

    I’d sue God, via the Catholic Church, for inventing fire. That really should have come with a warning label.

  2. Aye, Bacardi has enough other things to be guilt of but the reckless use of strong rum to burn a bar and a wench…..well?!

  3. Aye. The barman (or woman) is the one who failed to follow the safety labels THAT ARE ON THE DAMN BOTTLE. Bacardi should countersue for defamation.

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