5 thoughts on “I Knew There Was Something Shifty About Parrots…

  1. Yep they always are my scarlet is always plotting to rip my face off and can projectile poop 15 feet literally across my carpet ! I would say that you have done a good deed bringing this the publics attention every pirate need be warned of the plotting pirate birds!!! They would take over if the could steer the ship themselves

  2. And, have you ever noticed? What shoulder do Parrots always perch on? THE RIGHT. So their strong limb is just inches from your face…

  3. I find StJason’s comment hilarious. Mostly because for me, the banner to the right for Seafight features a parrot on a pirate’s left shoulder.

  4. Eh, me birdie’s a right little jerk, no matter what “hand” he uses. But, hey, why d’you think I chose *my * nom de plume?

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