I Think I’m in Love…

Score 1 for the Frenchies – Pirate-Core music, Pirate-Core fashion, and it’s all bundled up in a lady that could clearly kick your ass.

Her name is Auregan, she sings about pirates to a packed stadium, she looks great in a tricorn hat, and my spine gets all fluttery when she starts stomping the stage in this video. That’s all I know at this time, but I aim to learn more!

6 thoughts on “I Think I’m in Love…

  1. Yaaar! It’s easy to get on stage and blast tunes when the whole band is dressed like pirates and not just you…….. oh wait.

    The singer is bold but the men that back her up don’t have the stones… wait… now I KNOW they’re French.

  2. I rather like the music, although the audio quality of the video isn’t the best. Would love to hear the studio recording.

    Q-Tip’s right though – what’s up with her band dressing like a bunch of landlubbers?

  3. Nice Voice and costumes.
    Think the same, the audio quality is not great but it gives us an idea about the music 🙂
    Too bad that the musicians don’t have costumes too, to think we are really on a pirate ship.

    But continue like that, I really like you music and style !
    Waiting for the studio recording too because I really like the music, unfortunatelly, I don’t understand the words… even with my little french background, we just don’t understand the words in the song…

    Great voice ! Continue 🙂

  4. I’ll tell you why Sir. It’s because french women are twice the man that their men are. Either that or her balls are bigger then her adams apple. Ha! jkf

    Not to mention their lazy. Did I see two drum sets on stage? Bands these days wont even move their crap out of the way.

    The crowd looks so pumped up that they might actually stand.

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