9 thoughts on “Idiots…

  1. Oh Bilge, you’re not looking at the big picture here. What it important is that alcohol was stolen. True it’s in a nasty form such as Bacardi but non the less, awesome, super power giving, fat girl loving, ugly guy laying, kick ass alcohol.

    Also, the contents of the stores safe was stolen as well. There goes the porn. That awesome, geek rubbin, lesbian making, sticky paged, kick ass porn. =(

  2. Look at the Bright side..The Us Government with thar “Stimulus” Package include Over a million dollars to Rum Companies in Puerto Rico … What does that have to do with jobs? Absolutely nothing. Bottoms up!

  3. The guilty ones always try to cover their tracks. You stole the rum and porn didnt you Wonkydonkey!

  4. I think Quartermaster might be onto something…
    Have any of you considered what makes said Donkey so Wonky?

  5. How do we know they didn’t just throw it into the sea like a modern day Tea Party. Fuck your dirty shitty rum Bacardii! *splash*

  6. Tad has won me over as this must have been what happened. A bunch of pirates got together after a meeting/party and found the closest place to raid the shit rum and toss it in the ocean.

    One month later it washed back onto dry land. Even the ocean doesn’t want Bacardi.

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