Introducing the ayePhone

Is it a play on words or is it a pun? I’m not really sure, but whichever the case, it’s also a new application for your iPhone. The ayePhone shows us that while average pirates spend their days yelling “Yarrr” and “Avast ye!”, successful pirates (those that can afford a $0.99 download application) make their phones do the work for them, thus freeing their own gullets to drink rum or gnaw of the still-beating hearts of spanish captives who refused to be cooperative. Blighters.

If you’re like me and choose your cellphone – not for high tech bells and whistles – but rather for milspec durability so it can survive being dropped from a great hight many, many times, then you obviously don’t own an iPhone. But you can still watch a video of the ayePhone in action.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the ayePhone

  1. This great app comes with GPS (ghastly pirate syndrome), IM (instant melee) and Roll over dead minutes.

    Now if only we could get it to power off rum and sucker punches, us pirates would be set!

  2. Normally, I only leave one comment but this time I gotta pipe up again. How lazy (or unexcited) can you be to have a phone say AAARRR and AYE for you? Doesn’t that suck the fun right out of the whole idea?

    They should have called it the voicebox for mute pirates.

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