It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Month!!!

It’s September! Which means it’s time to start practicing your “ayes” and “arrrs” – but you already know that, don’t you? That’s the challenge of running, because my readership is far more intune with the comings and goings of Talk Like a Pirate Day than most folk, so I can’t simply write a lame “Did You Know Talk Like a Pirate Day is Actually a Holiday?” article like most every other online periodical out there. So, I guess I’ll need to try a little harder to mark the beginning of Talk Like a Pirate Day Month:

September 10th – National Read Naked Like a Pirate Girl Day

That’s right, September 19th isn’t the ONLY pirate holiday month, at least not if you live in Chicago where you can watch girls read like naked pirates. Actually, I’m not sure what that means exactly, but bully to them for getting creative. And naked. Arrr…

Talk Like a Pirate Day, as we all know, is the glorious brainchild of Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket. Talk Like a Pirate Day Month however, is Bilgemunky’s own humble extension. And note that it’s not Talk Like a Pirate Month I’m suggesting, which would indicate a whole month of talking like a pirate, but rather Talk Like a Pirate Day Month, meaning one day of celebrating pirates by talking like a pirate, and a full month celebrating the existence of Talk Like a Pirate Day, probably also by talking like pirates. Or drinking rum. Or finding Slappy and/or Chumbucket and buying them drinks. Or groceries.

4 thoughts on “It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Month!!!

  1. Ahoy Bilgy,
    I will have the honor of spending “Talk Like A Pirate Day” with captain Slappy hisself! We will be the hosts of the Portland Pirate Festival. It will be two days of wild scullduggery, great live music, belly dancing (not by me) and RUM!
    Join us on September 18th and 19th at Cathedral Park near Portland where we will buckle swash like it has never been buckled before!

  2. Avast !

    Me fav-or-ite day of the year……………. I have the Pleasure of livin on the same island of St Croix with the Chum-myster himself and we will rip it up proper …….. Any reason to gather the crew ,get gussy upped , shoot flintlocks , drink rum an go wenchin is a good enough fer me says aye !

    P.S They just relocated the Captain Morgan plant on island as well as the Cruzan rum plant already being here so ‘s we won’t be running out of rum anytime soon ……….. A true Pirates Paridise !

  3. Avast ye fellow scallyways,seadogs,fair maidens and or wenches,The Captain of the JadeScorpion plans to invade the Portland Pirate Festival.The Brits had better beware,cause the French are coming to kick some BOOTY and then some.Of course ther be tyme fer lots of Rum and Kisses fer the Ladies and of course some of my favorite,The Wenches.Then me heads down to ol’Florida ways to the Fort Myers Pirate Fest,where I’ll a lookin for that scoundral and Rum loving Bilgemunkey.Yo Ho-Ho,Tis a Pyrates Life fer Moi. Hope to met some of you all along the journey.Les bon temps,toujours!!! Au Revoir,LaVasque the Leopard

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