Jake and the Never Land Pirates Launches Today :)

The fact that entertainment geared at kids under 10 always makes me feel awkward notwithstanding, there is no effort more noble than getting younkers into the pirate spirit at an early age. Jake and the Never Land Pirates premieres today:

Looks fun enough, although I feel like this show was written by videogame designers – the floating islands, the view from the ship’s bow dodging islands… methinks a Jake and the Never Land Pirates Game is surely right around the corner.

Aside from watching (and apparently on some level participating in) Jake’s adventures, young fans of this show will also be jamming to the music of the Never Land Pirate Band:

What will probably be lost on them is an appreciation for the long, twisted path this band has taken to finally hit mainstream Disney. Kevin Hendrickson (the clean shaven one with the missing tooth) has been a trailblazer in modern pirate music for decades, and Loren Hoskens (bearded) has been entertaining kids and adults alike as “Captain Bogg” since long before Disney ever conceived of this show. And so, in celebration of their newfound Disney glory, here’s a video from 1999 of one of Hendrickson’s previous bands, the utterly brilliant Pirate Jenny:

And for one final musical treat, here’s Hendrickson and Hoskens together with Captain Bogg&Salty singing Pieces of 8ight:

Now if this hasn’t been a great way to start your week, there’s no hope for ya!

3 thoughts on “Jake and the Never Land Pirates Launches Today :)

  1. Jake and the Never Land Pirates is no doubt designed to instill them with all the skills and values needed for successful pirating later in life. Things like (sometimes) teamwork, swordfighting, seamanship, navigation, and a healthy love of all things shiny.

  2. ‘t’would be nice if I could see it, but the Mouse has blocked it from my view, as it compromises copyright in my country.

  3. hhhhmph, not getting disney channel at the moment, will need to seek out a salty distribution channel and get the wee ones some exposure.

    How many 3 year olds now what a scallywag is? Certainly mine does!

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