Join Me at Reenactorefest 5!

Ok, I’ll be blunt – never in a million years did I think Reenactorfest would be for me. Why not? Simple – I’m into pirate stuff. And not exclusively historical pirate stuff at that (as anyone that ever tunes in to Bilgemunky Radio certainly knows.) As such, an event populated by Civil War Doctors, Roman Centurians, and WWII Troops seemed a potentially poor fit, not only because I wasn’t sure if there would be enough of interest to me at such a festival, but also because I didn’t want to rain on their parade by showing up as the sort of merely quasi-historical, fashion-forward pirate I so clearly am 😉

Well, nuts to all that – I’ve been chatting with the Reenactorfest management, and have learned that not only are *all* sorts of historical enthusiasts welcome, but that they are especially trying to attract pirates this year. And how do they plan to do this? Why, by having a Bilgemunky’s Pirate Lounge, of course. That’s right, I’ll be DJing pirate and pirate-core tunes throughout Reenactorfest Weekend in my very own pirate hangout – the only thing needed to complete it is a healthy assortment of scallywags to join me.

Visit for more details – they’re still assembling their complete schedule, but it’s looking very promising. And even if the seminars aren’t your speed, if PyrateCon has taught us anything it’s that a group of pirates hanging out together is its own reward. So just get yourself to Bilgemunky’s Pirate Lounge, and the rest will take care of itself!

Oh yeah – details. Reenactorfest 5 will take place February 5-8, 2009 at the Westin Hotel in Wheeling, IL. It’s supposed to be a nice place with loads of restaurants, so while the rest of the world is outside freezing, you can be indoors wearing your sailor slops, drinking rum, and rocking out to the sort of pirate music that only Bilgemunky Radio can provide!

5 thoughts on “Join Me at Reenactorefest 5!

  1. I must admit. I think this looks on par with N.O.. I’m sure it’s not close to the same scale but hey, you get a lounge for pete’s sake which is an excellent base of pirate operations. That and it’s half the price of N.O. too boot.

    Cripes, now I’m torn on which to go to.

  2. Forgot to ask. WILL there be booze IN the lounge. Now this is crucial, Bilge.

    It’s crucial because I will need to bring my own flask and sneak around if needs be.

  3. You can rest easy, Q-Master – booze *IS* allowed. It will be available for purchase in the nearby hotel bars, or you’re free to bring your own!

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