Announcement: Join Me in Sacramento!

Reminder – this January will be the Port Radisson Pirate Rendezvous, complete with all sorts of piratey activities topped off by a pirate party DJed by yours truly! Hope to see you there!

Click the image to see it full sized. Or visit the Pirates of Sacremento’s Myspace Page for full info.


36 thoughts on “Announcement: Join Me in Sacramento!

  1. Oooooh snap.. Bilge is coming out Californeee way? Even though its 7 hours of one seriously boring drive, I think I’ll make it out there.

  2. See ya thar Bilge mate. Be comin’ from Florida ta show Brethren support fer west coast pirates.

  3. Being an airship pirate and generally into things piratical I would normally be excited about this event in my hometown and promote it on my websites. However I just read your facist anti-steampunk comments and I’m going to boycot you. Take that – you scurvy lout!

    (begin soapbox)
    At an event such as NorCal, Airship Pirates are fair game. But this does NOT mean all steampunk is piratey. Steampunk elephant hunters, bug exterminators, or undead railroad conductors have nothing to do with pirates – take that psuedo-victorian sci-fi lark elsewhere.
    (end soapbox)

  4. Steamy, I find it utterly remarkable that you could seriously call me a fascist for suggesting that steampunked elephant hunters and railroad conductors aren’t piratey. Am I also a fascist if I suggest that footballs aren’t eggrolls, or that rum isn’t chocolate milk? Grow up.

  5. As said before (many times in fact) all non-airship pirate steampunk is, indeed, teh ghey. The only reason we accept airship pirates is because it has the word “pirates” in it. In a way, we’re sort of forced into accepting them like hillbilly cousins that you would invite to Christmas but wont let them sleep inside the house.

    I have never really found airship pirates “fair game” mostly because we have a lot in common. It’s all the rest of steampunk that is just beyond words. Interesting as it may be for some, it is still “teh ghey”.

    Hey, I’m going to spray paint a nerf football, slap a Biohazard sticker on it and say it’s a steampunk nuclear warhead. ZING!

  6. Oh and just when you thought I was done ranting. Seeing how this event has been called “Pirate Rendezvous”, I think steampunk is out of it’s element. As always, Airship pirates will be accepted in the traditional manner, a kick in the ass but a rum to numb the pain. However, if I see any elephant hunter, undead conductor (seriously? wtf) I will SCORN them as much as I can for a guy dressed as someone who died 300 years ago (and poorly I might add).

    Ooooh isn’t playing dress up fun? But when did everyone get sand in there vag’s about it all?

  7. Dog,

    Perhaps my wording in the original post wasn’t the best – when I said Airship Pirates were “fair game”, I meant they were an appropriate fit at NorCal (I did NOT mean to imply they should be treated as prey.)

    And honestly, I think much of steampunk is pretty sweet – I just have the crazy notion that steampunk isn’t necessarily piratey, and pirates aren’t necessarily steampunk. Silly me.

  8. Steampunk has it’s place- it’s just not at a Pirate event. I had a blast doing steampunk at the Dickens Festival in SF. But, I’d never think of doing Steampunk at a Pirate event. Pirate events are for Pirates, plain and simple. Events like DragonCon is THE place where Pirates, Steampunk, Colonial Marines, Superheroes (Gals in spandex, oh yes!!) all party on. It’s a massive, 4 day AND night event. And, there’s a absolutely KILLER Pirate party on Sunday night…a huge pirate group in the parade…

    But, back to this event and other Pirate events, Pirate events are for PIRATES, not steampunk, sci-fi, superheroes and the like. Airship pirates, elephant hunters, zepplin commanders, Royal Airship Marines, Scientists and the like all have their place at Steampunk Festivals.

    Now, pass the rum and let’s Pirate!!

  9. Hahaha! Good Day Sacramento is the worst news show ever — which is why I love it. The hosts are talentless douches. Especially Mark S. Allen. And they only get their news updates from the Internet, which is why they have laptops in front of them all the time. Their idea of news is, “Who has the fattest cat in Sacramento.” It’s pure crap, but I love laughing at them.

  10. And Eye thought it would be interesting to meet you Doglock Hawk just to see if you really interact with The’ Bilge Monkey tha way ye carry on in the Monkey knife fighter chatter room ~ Do make ye way to the event if ye can ~

  11. Dog, take a drive straight through both iowa and nebraska non-stop, and then try and tell me one little drive down california is BORING.

  12. I can’t imagine it being all that different, Jack. Replace fields with desert and there ya go but I guess it depends on if I take the 5 or the 99.

    Only sometimes, Oderless. In New Orleans I believe I was rather nice to Bilge and he was to me. I’ll try to bring him hell this time around because it looks like I’m going.

  13. believe me, desert is a lot more interesting than corn. I’ll drive halfway across the country just to drive around in desert.

  14. Had a blast at the Rendesvous! Wound up coming home and puking because Dog wouldn’t stop hooking me up with rum. Yeah. Too much mixing of drinks. It’s a bad sign when pirates think you’re too drunk…

  15. Come on Red Beard we proved beyond any doubt you had too much to drink.

    More Mermaids Milk?

  16. Ah, thanks for coming all, we had a grand time with ye all. Can’t wait to do it again!

  17. Hahaha Red, that was awesome you drunk bastard. I must have had a ton of fun being wasted and Harle’ing the most/loudest.

    I got a big kick out of everyone amazed that I’m just a regular, mild mannered guy. Oh the mysteries of life.

    The most abused word of the evening, however, was by Redbeard. “Yes” as if I was actually ASKING you to have more rum.

  18. Quick Recap.

    I helped get Bilge, Oderless and Redbeard tanked. Broadside helped me get tanked and gave me many cigarettes. So the hierarchy of Pirate drunkardness goes:

    Broadside Brian
    Doglock Hawk
    Oderless Eye
    Red Beard

    Red, you’re last for puking (but good on you for lasting so long and many thanx to Merc for looking out for your drunk ass). Bilge you’re second to bottom for not getting tanked on Saturday (but nice work on “not getting drunk at events like this” as that phrase was thrown out the window quickly on Friday… I’m sorry, but this time you just can’t be the bottom haha). Oderless gets third for always being conscious enough to talk to me throughout both nights. Broadside gets number one for getting me tanked and allowing me to tank others.

    Ah… good times.

  19. “nice work on “not getting drunk at events like this” as that phrase was thrown out the window quickly on Friday”

    As Blackbeard once said, if I didn’t get plastered every now and then, you’d forget who I am 🙂

  20. The Kraken has long tenticles..It was waitin fer me at the door when EYe came home! A Toast to all ye rat bastards who didna make this event ! You were Spared!

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