Kick(start) Mister Mac!

Is Kickstarter a blessing for pirate music or what? We have another favorite musician on the cusp of a new album, and now’s your chance to help make it happen!

Listeners of Bilgemunky Radio will be familiar with Mister Mac’s brilliant song Blood&Gold. If you want to hear what’s next for this artist and his new lovely costars, then lend your support today!

Mister Mac and the Mermaids by Mister Mac and the Mermaids — Kickstarter.

2 thoughts on “Kick(start) Mister Mac!

  1. Thanks for posting! We are so excited about this project and can’t wait to share our adventures with you!

  2. Comon ye bilge suck’n codfish! I was unemployed for nearly three yarr and I was able to scrape up $25 – Toss a quid in the hat and begone with ye!!

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