LEGO PotC… video game?

Speaking as someone who’s never played a single minute of a LEGO video game, I always wonder… what the heck’s up with LEGO video games??? I mean, the whole concept of LEGO is tactile – building, constructing, handling, etc. I get having a PotC video game, I get having PotC LEGOs. But I don’t get the combination of the two.

But here’s a trailer anyways:

6 thoughts on “LEGO PotC… video game?

  1. And for some inexplicable reason, MTV had the exclusive images of the new PotC LEGO sets due out around May. Here’s the link to them, starting with Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge:

    The Blackbeard minifigure looks pretty darn sweet. Love that he’s got lit fuses in his beard, just like good ol’ Edward Teach. Sadly, you’ll notice Disney took more than a few liberties with the design of the ship (not accurate, but delightfully macabre and full of skulls) and for a reason that shall forever remain a head-scratcher, a new flag. C’mon, Disney! What was wrong with Teach’s original?

  2. Yeah, the flag has been a big debate over on Keep to the Code. I’m with you. The new flag is stupid looking. But I guess they did use the motif of his actual flag for the figurehead in the movie. One theory of the changed flag is that they already used it for another pirate in the At World’s End final battle sequence. Which I suppose is true, but still. New flag = dumb.

    And as for the fuses… that’s confusing too, because they don’t seem to appear in ANY of the movie stills or trailers to this point. So I was a bit perplexed that they clearly have them on the LEGO figure. Not to mention that the new stupid flag is clearly a flaming beard… but we’ll see. Maybe they just haven’t gotten around to CG-ing them in yet. It has also been pointed out that another pirate used those too, in the FIRST movie, but I hope that doesn’t stop them from using the effect this time around.

  3. I’ll explain it to you Bilge:

    Master Mib’s Theory of LEGO-ification – Everything is better in LEGO.

    No one knows why, but it’s true. Pick up any LEGO game and give it a try. You’ll see it’s true.

  4. Both the Indiana Jones and Star Wars LEGO games are fun to play and have a lot of inside jokes and humor included related to the movies. I think it’s safe to assume they will do the same with this game which means if you enjoyed the movies you’ll probably enjoy the game as well.

    Also, Master Mib is on the money – everything IS better in LEGO.

  5. Pirates and Legos make me happy. I’m sure as soon as the sets come out, I’ll be spendin’ plenty o’ time with naught but tiny plastic pirates, and large bottles o’ rum…

  6. The Crew of the Stranglehold and Eye were on hand for the Pirate Shores opening here in San Diego when Lego first decided to go public with Pirates as a theme.. Boyo..this has really taken off since then!

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