Listen Up, Corksuckers…

Ian McShane set for ‘Pirates’ sequel.

That’s right, Ian McShane. Ian flogging McShane, a.k.a. Al Swearengen, is supposedly in talks to portray Blackbeard in PotC4. Generally, I find most PotC rumors to be rather ‘meh’, but THIS one I can heartily endorse. This is also the first indication of On Stranger Tides having something to do with the book aside from the Fountain of Youth. Although, considering the book, I still don’t know what the hell Jack Sparrow will do with himself for two hours aside from stumbling around drunk and looking lost. Kind of like I did Friday night at PyrateCon 2009.

Fun Fact: The real Al Swearengen wasn’t actually British, but was born in Iowa. Which places him in such auspicious company as Captain Kirk and the Bilgemunky. Blackbeard, however, was most certainly NOT from Iowa, and it’s reported to be the only regret he ever admitted to in public.

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