Living the Pirate Lifestyle?

Hrmmm… fun story – at least up til it degrades into a series of bizarre one-liners – in the Daily Mail UK about a “wacky new craze” that’s “taking California by storm” in which otherwise normal folk are dressing up as pirates in their daily lives. The only problem is that I’m more than a little suspect – I know each of these blokes in the pictures, which leads me to believe this is less a craze than some sort of pirate disease spread through close-quarters contact. Plus, they all hail from LA area, so that’s gotta tell you something 😉

Pirates of Californi-arrr: The barmy buccaneers who dress up as Jack Sparrow for their day jobs | Mail Online.

3 thoughts on “Living the Pirate Lifestyle?

  1. Good grief, the comments on that article are harsh. I was going to try and lend a proverbial machete to their intellectual thicket, but the dang site says they’re not accepting further comments at this time. Which is just plain poppycock, if you ask me. It’s obvious that these people don’t actually dress as pirates AT work (well, okay, most of them…). The pictures were clearly staged to me amusing, not to try and literally portray people at work dressed like pirates.
    At any rate, I didn’t think the article was that bad. Just seemed like folks over across the pond are a bit fascinated by us yanks acting like a much of mangy curs. But what’s new about that anyhow?

  2. B.S all of it. Non of those people dress like a pirate at work . I know them all, it was photo shoot for this article .I know I passed it down.


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