Magic Kingdom’s Pirate’s League

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Aye, so if you don’t have the nerve or wherewithall to become a pirate on your own, Disney is soon to be offering the wee ones pirate makeovers.

The First Mate Package at $49.95 plus tax includes:

  • Bandana (reversible)
  • Choice of Facial Effect look: Cursed Pirate, Captain Hook or Captain Jack
  • Fake Teeth
  • One (1) 5×7 picture

Empress Package at $49.95 plus tax includes:

  • Bandana (reversible)
  • Shimmering Makeup Makeover
  • Face Gem
  • Nail Polish
  • One (1) 5×7 picture

Additional pirate costumes for this package are available for purchase at The Pirates League.

The Captains Package at $124.95 plus tax includes:

  • Choice of pirate costume
  • Choice of Facial Effect look: Cursed Pirate, Captain Hook or Captain Jack
  • Fake Teeth
  • Three (3) 5″ x 7″ pictures

Of course, all this is for wusses and posers – if you want your kids to be REAL pirates, then send’m my way. For a mere $999.99, they can attend Bilgemunky’s Intensive Pirate Crash Course Weekend. I’ll leave them out in the sun until they’re nice and burnt, deprive them of vitamin C so they lose a few teeth, teach them some colorful new words, and fill them with such a murderous hatred of Spaniards that they’ll go on a bloody rampage at the mere sight of a Taco Bell.

6 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom’s Pirate’s League

  1. Disney Fans please note that it is not scheduled to open until June 29th. I am bringing my two little Pyrate Princesses there in a few weeks so we are keeping mum on this subject aboard me ship to avert a mutiny. Also on the Disney front they seem not to have dates for any more Pirate & Princess Parties which is a shame because we really enjoyed them. I went in FULL gear and even Captain Jack thought I was a member of the Crew. Seriously, where the hell else in the world can you see fireworks in the shape of a Jolly Roger. No really they had pirate shaped fireworks. Instead we may cruise over to St. Augustine to try the Black Raven Pirate Cruise.

  2. I work on The Sea Gypsy 5 in Lewes, De., and for $25 we do pretty much the same thing as “Disneys” $124.95 package ,and they get a fake sword, and pistol, and get to actually go out in the bay on a real boat. I just got back from DisneyWorld, and noticed they really try to “nickle and dime” you to death. Everything is an extra charge. Heres an idea parents, before you go to Disney, dress your kids up at home. You could probably do a better job than Disney anyway.

  3. Awww! They only had the bleedin’ “prostatot” princess makeovers when I went to Disney!
    Though, honestly, I figured something like this wasn’t too far behind, eh?
    Next time. Next time.

  4. Oh please, Liz – if you were at Disney during pirate makeover season, you’d just be forced to educate the sots in how it’s really done.

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