Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel sets Guinness world record!

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel sets Guinness world record!

It seems that 102 is the current world record for most rums commercially available, which strikes me as odd, because I’d swear that Rum Jungle in Las Vegas had a hell of a lot more than that. And both Rum Barrel (Key West) and Forbidden Island (Alemeda, CA) boast collections in the high 90’s. Seriously, guys,┬ádo some online shopping, buy a few more rums, and get yerselves into Guiness and show Hong Kong who’s boss!

2 thoughts on “Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel sets Guinness world record!

  1. HA! I laugh at that 102. I guarantee there’s more of an assortment in your recycle bin, Bilge. YAAAAAAR!

  2. As the Assistant General Manager and beverage director for rumjungle Las Vegas, I can say that the Bilge Monkey is indeed correct. As of this morning we carry 245 different rum selections in our collection and we in fact have 103 selections that start witth the letters A – C (Admiral Nelson to Cruzan Vanilla). I do agree with the original article listing the El Dorado 25 year as the top selection on the list, and the Marco Polo carries a number of items that are on the top of our list as well.

    Cheers…and if you’re in Las Vegas come and see me.

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