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You can tell the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film is truly in full production as new rumors seem to come out daily. Yesterday’s two big headlines concerned budget and location. First, the funding for the fourth film has been slashed considerably (now projected to cost only $200 million), and in another money-saving measure, they’ll be doing the filming in Hawaii and London rather than the Caribbean and California.

Both of these pieces of news have been met with some negative reactions, but I really don’t see how either matters much. We’ve all seen how big budget movies – pirate and otherwise – can get bogged down by their own bloated spectacle, so all I really care about is if the script is good and if it’s well executed. Hey, speaking of scripts, I’ve yet to hear if they actually have one yet. I’m assuming so, but that never made much headlines. Huh.

As to the non-Caribbean location (which has really ruffled some feathers,) that one I really don’t care about at all. Hollywood has successfully portrayed the Czech Republic as the American Frontier (Ravenous), New Zealand and Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings) and Iowa as someplace magical (Field of Dreams.) So really, does it matter where it’s filmed?

Thanks to Captain Tom Foolery and Captain Anne Paisley.

6 thoughts on “More PotC News/Rumors

  1. It’s not called “Pirates IN The Caribbean”, so what’s the problem.

  2. Well, depending on how much they stick to the “On Stranger Tides” storyline, then the story would indeed take place in the Caribbean, even though the actual film locations will be Hawaii. But yeah, I don’t see a problem here. I bet Johnny Depp doesn’t drink actual rum onscreen either – such is the way of movies.

  3. Yeah… as to sticking with Tim Powers’ “On stranger Tides,” I think we can forget it. So far I’ve heard rumors of Jack in a carriage chase through London (which actually sounds kinda’ cool to me), a sort of carnival on the frozen River Thames, mermaids, and of course, Blackbeard’s daughter. On the flip side, I haven’t heard ONE spoiler that even remotely suggests ANYTHING from the Powers novel. Well okay, they’ve got Blackbeard. Woop dee doo.
    Oh well. Not “On Stranger Tides” as we know it, but maybe still cool. I for one am glad they’re cutting the budget. After all, this budget it still several million more than that for Curse of the Black Pearl.

  4. Thrilled about the budget cut actually, I’m with you, I think they need to focus on script and character, not bells and whistles… as for Hawaii standing in the Caribbean (or parts of Florida), it really doesn’t matter. It’s a movie, if they can fake it good enough that we don’t notice, I don’t care if they did it in Studio City.

  5. Avast ye scurrvy scallwags!!Let them make the movie and we can judge it on its merits and its content.I’m ready for another Pirate Movie and a good one to booty. Maybe a Remake of the Black Swan for me fellow jackenapes!!!!

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