MovieFone FAIL

So after prattling on for a full minute about what an ubergeek she is, and lamenting/bragging on her extreme knowledge of obscure comicbook/movie characters, this reporter goes on to report that Salma Hayek will be starring opposite Johnny Depp in the upcoming Pirates film. If you need me to explain why this is funny, then you haven’t been paying enough attention, and therefore should hang your head and share in her shame.

2 thoughts on “MovieFone FAIL

  1. If getting the actress wrong isn’t enough, she says that Salma is “Jack’s former leading love” (1:18) Did I miss that in the movies somewhere?

  2. I must have missed it too. Although Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp starred together in Blow. Maybe this reporter just doesn’t know one from the other? Clever.

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